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“Then a certain little lady came by. Flamboyant, penguin-suited Tricity Vogue swept everyone through her witty, if decidedly risqué, repertoire. A toast, too, to Lady Sandra, who stepped out of the audience to provide Miss V with an entire horn section - on a kazoo.” Gloucestershire Echo

“Ukulele strumming, cheeky jazz singing cabaret queen Tricity Vogue was the highlight of the evening… my toes didn't stop tapping and the urge to sing along was unstoppable.” VintageFestival.co.uk Read the full review

“Celebrated London cabaret singer Tricity Vogue loves performing, and it shows. The big red smile on her face is contagious from the start.” **** Broadway Baby

“A very special talent” Time Out London Critics’ Choice

“Elegant and hilarious” West End Extra

“Cabaret powerhouse” Erotic Review

“Tricity Vogue - she of the twinkly eye, swoonsome voice and cheeky ukulele”
Time Out London Critics’ Choice

“Anyone else a massive fan of the divine Miss Vogue and her ukulele? Thought so.”
Time Out London Critics’ Choice

“Ukulele queen Tricity Vogue's milkshake brought all the boys to the yard”
The Londonist

“Tricity is a charming performer” hairline.org.uk

“Tricity Vogue and her uke… recipe for one of the finest shows you’ll see. Kooky, quirky and ever so sweet, it’s cabaret to run down side-streets for – just get there early.”
Time Out London Critics’ Choice

“Cheeky, soulful, a little bit blue and a whole lot of fun” Time Out London Critics’ Choice

The Tricity Vogue All Girl Swing Band

"An act I have been wanting to see for a long time: I first hooked up with Tricity Vogue some years ago on this site, but had never seen her perform live. This year she was at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival with her 'All Girl Swing Band' and WOW. Just WOW. They absolutely lit up the room with their sound, talent and energy. Originals, retro styled pop numbers and the wonderful tap dancing of Josephine Shaker (at one point dressed as a penguin!) blew the audience away. A REAL highlight of my festival weekend with no doubt." Barry Maz, Got A Ukulele, September 2014

“Much fun was had this week at the newly reopened Earl Haig Hall with an appearance by the excellent and highly original Tricity Vogue All Girl Swing Band. The all-girl outfit play modern songs with an unmistakable 40s flavour, so the distressed chic of the 40s style Earl Haig Hall was the perfect setting for the gig. The Pet Shop Boys and Blur were among the bands given the 1940s treatment, and you haven’t lived until you’ve heard the Eurythmics played on a ukulele. The show even included a bit of good old fashioned tap dancing and it was difficult not to smile while Tricity and the girls went through their catchy repertoire. The Earl Haig Hall is fast becoming the entertainment hub of Crouch End and we loved the Tricity Vogue All Girl Swing Band. A camp, funny and cool night out. Five stars from Crouch End Radio.” Crouchendradio.co.uk, November 2013

“The Tricity Vogue All-Girl Swing Band are not only full to the brim with top-quality, virtuosic musicianship, they bring a level of glamour and theatricality rarely seen on the London jazz scene. The wickedly delicious and charismatic Tricity effortlessly charms and delights her audience, inspiring even the most traditional of jazz lovers to jitterbug to the band's take on '80s hits and '90s Brit pop with wild abandon, leaving the dance floor breathless and begging for more.” Passing Clouds, Dalston, London

Calamitous Liaisons

“Sporting boudoir chic, swigging from a bottle of white and exuding conversational warmth, Tricity makes a virtuoso virtue out of the ukulele’s simplicity. Charming, accomplished and thoroughly loveable. ‘Calamitous Liaisons’ soars." ****
Ben Walters, Time Out London Read the full review

“We’ve all had our share of love stories gone bad, but not all of us have the talent to turn those heartbreaks into a delightful cabaret show.” ****
Delphine Dallison, SGFringe Read the full review

“Short but sweet, Tricity Vogue dishes up the title song of her new show Calamitous Liaisons - witty, catty and scatty in equal parts, it wickedly catalogues the ukelele queen’s entire sexual history in a couple of minutes.” The Stage

“This innuendo-filled show was a delight to watch” ThreeWeeks

Time Out Edinburgh Fringe Cabaret Highlights 2013
#2 Tricity Vogue: Calamitous Liaisons
"A word to the wise: those who date cabaret singers would do well to behave themselves or they might end up being ripped a new one from the stage. This new set from London’s ukulele doyenne recalls her romantic misadventures through original songs and saucy tales, revitalising a familiar template with wit, charm and musical invention."

The Blue Lady

"An irresistible live cartoon... the Blue Lady Sings does for cabaret what Waiting for Godot did for drama" Erotic Review

"Non-stop hilarity, whimsy, wit… and boy, can the Blue Lady sing!" **** The Skinny

"The title of Head Diva this year is likely to go to Tricity Vogue… A cult hit – instantly memorable." Broadway Baby

“Tricity Vogue’s The Blue Lady Sings has more laughs than several alleged comedy shows I’ve seen at the Fringe. It’s highly original and almost indescribable because it falls into no existing genre.” John Fleming, What’s On Stage

“Refreshingly bizarre.” Sally Stott, The Scotsman

“Cheeky, uninhibited, hilariously quirky and highly entertaining." **** Broadway Baby

“Smart audience participation and charm” Time Out London

“An entertaining romp through all things blue. Get ready for an hour that is bonkers, Bollywood, and endearingly madcap." **** Fringe Review

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this show; it’s somewhere between cabaret and performance art, a cocktail of comedy, music, and madness that delightfully surprises at every unexpected turn of the show. Very cleverly conceived and performed, it had me hooked from the start." **** Fringe Review

“Blue Lady effortlessly endears us to her bizarre, alternative reality with charm and complete conviction and holds us there for the ride." **** Fringe Review

“Blue Lady takes us into a realm of playful impishness and joyful discovery and pulls it all off with shambolic sweetness and shimmering aplomb. It’s kitschy, funky, imaginative, and utterly original." **** Fringe Review

“London neo-cabaret star Tricity Vogue frightens and entertains in equal measure with her Blue Lady” The Skinny

“Beautifully random and playful." ***** The Public Reviews

“A charmingly entertaining and endearingly daft cabaret." **** The Herald

“A feast for the eyes as well as the ears” The Londonist

“Her manic smile cuts through the usual British reserve like a knife through butter: you never know exactly what she’s going to ask you to do, but you do know it will be fun.” The Londonist

“The coolest indigo girl since Smurfette” The Londonist

Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret

“Tricity, the self-proclaimed vixen of “cheeky-jazz” is outstanding ... it is Tricity who keeps the show afloat: delivering hilarious retorts to the most vocal and alcohol-induced members of the audience, raising depleted energy levels through feel-good sing-alongs and demonstrating her own terrific talent through the witty lyricism of her rousing number, 'What Would A Gentleman Do?'” roarnews.co.uk

“With a welcoming atmosphere and a rousingly inclusive sing-along to get things going, the show skipped merrily through ‘The Uke of Edinburgh Competition’. Each act presented a version of their full show and the raucous audience participation worked well, with the evening buzz of a crowd just starting their third pint.” ThreeWeeks

“Tricity Vogue's voice has a peculiar tone that suggests everything she says is really an innuendo. The effect is that we hang on her every word, waiting for a double-entendre that will never come - in spoken form, anyway. In her songs, a racier style is let out, seemingly innocent subject matter laced with something far more lewd. As a compere, she is engaging, encouraging and wholly enticing, coaxing a few seat-dances out of the early-evening audience within the first few minutes. ... Vogue, resplendent in a brightly-coloured dress from some time in the 1950s, wears a fully-functional golden ukulele on her head which acts as a prize for the best of the acts. This is not only a visual treat, but one of the best puns I've ever heard. Whoever dubbed this four-stringed wonder, ?the Uke of Edinburgh Award' deserves some kind of medal. Whether the start of a night or the end of an evening, Vogue's charismatic cabaret can easily put a smile on your face. It's easy to see why this has been pulling in punters for three years already.” Broadway Baby

“Whether you’re a follower of the Uke or an idle passer-by who hasn’t experienced the power of its twang, then get yourself to the cabaret and Tricity Vogue will do the rest.” Broadway Baby

“Endearing, accessible and full-hearted. The uke always makes you feel better and that is just what this show will make you feel as well.” Fringe Review Recommended Show

“Tricity Vogue has made herself an essential part of the Fringe cabaret scene: we can’t imagine the Festival without her.” ThreeWeeks

“Always entertaining and fun” The Skinny

“Witty, charming and hilarious cabaret” Time Out London Critics' Choice

“Straightforward fun - these instruments lend themselves so well to comedy”
**** ThreeWeeks

Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Workshops

“Of all the ukulele workshops I’ve ever been to, this was by far the best, and let me tell you, I’ve uked a fair bit in my time...There was an atmosphere of ease to which I felt incredibly welcome, and I was encouraged to reignite the musical career that had stalled in my teenage years...All jokes aside, I went into this, quite honestly, with some scepticism. But despite myself, I had a smashing time. You don’t need your own ukulele, or any prior knowledge. Everyone starts from zero, and it is remarkable how easy it is to pick up. Tricity was charming, knowledgeable and gave us an insight into the wit that she will no doubt put into great effect in her solo shows.” **** Broadway Baby

Tricity’s album, The Blue Lady Sings

“A swinging gem” Erotic Review

“A stirling performance... jazzy, sassy, oozing with sauce” GotAUkulele.com
Read the full review

“You’d need a Tom Waits greatest hits to outmatch Ms. Vogue’s rich vocal theatricality” Erotic Review Read the full review

"I'd like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to you and the lovely Sarah for Sunday, everyone and I mean both young and old have said how amazing you were and how your performance really helped to make the night!" Edward & Suzannah Burrell, December 2015

"Tricity arrived within plenty of time before the show and straight away was a joy to be around. When it came to the performance as soon as she came on stage everybody loved her, she had the crowd absolutely screaming with laughter. She is incredible! I would pay good money to see her do a show all of her own and I hope to book her again or see her at a show soon!" Isabella Lugosi, Hertford House Hotel

"It's a pity about Tricity Vogue and her potty mouth." Cheltenham Playhouse Audience Member

"Tricity Vogue and her All Girl Swing Band were absolutely perfect at kick starting us all into a wild night of revelry after a sedate afternoon of far too much eating and drinking. What style, what panache! We couldn't recommend them highly enough!" Ian & Francesca, wedding June 2014

“The truly lovely Tricity Vogue & her All Girl Swing Band were exceptionally amazing and tantalizingly rhythmic!! Their sensational performance in the Upstairs Bar of The Ritzy in Brixton for International Women's Day 2014 was devoured by the all woman audience.” Yvonne Stewart-Williams

“Tricity is a firecracker of a musician, with a unique approach that we found compelling! It was a pleasure to have Miss Vogue perform during our Valentine's day event and we look forward to working with her again in the future.” Yvonne Ottley, Marketing Manager, Crowne Plaza London - The City hotel

“Thanks Tricity – you and your Ukulele helped us create a true Hawaiian flavour at our corporate event – your contribution was lots of fun – the audience loved the ‘play & sing-a-long’. If we ever go to Honululu again, I’ll be knocking on your door!” John Plews, Event Producer, Ovation

“Since Tricity first hit our Ball Room, with her witty, naughty, flirty and never dirty cabaret she has been a regular performer at Burgh Island and its sister hotel, Southernhay House. Tricity brings brains and beauty to the Uke with performances that are nuanced brilliantly to the audience expectation and carry a whiff of nostalgia in a very modern way.” Deborah Clark, Owner, Burgh Island Hotel, Southernhay House Hotel

“Tricity stepped in at very late notice to cover for me at a family party after I was involved in an accident. Her talent, musicianship and enthusiasm made the evening a great success and if there's anyone better I haven't met her yet!” John Knowles, Bandleader and Producer of 'The Famous Cockney Pride Show'

“Tricity Vogue has been one of our regular (and most popular) performers at our famous Bedtime Story Nights for over two years. We LOVE having her here. She has an amazing presence, and possesses that rare ability to engage immediately with an audience. She is a femme fatale who uses a ukulele like some sort of deadly weapon to break the hearts of anyone fortunate enough to hear her.” David Carter, Owner, 40Winks Boutique Hotel

“Tricity Vogue is a popular compere of our Circus Bites Cabaret and her Ukulele Cabaret always goes down a storm at the Albany.” Fiona Greenhill, Head of Operations, The Albany

“A total success. Well done indeed for bringing something so new and refreshing to Whissonsett.” Lesley Pegg, Whissonsett Arts

“Funny as hell, and a damn fine ukulele player” Ukulele Kris

“Great energy and you were fantastic.” Darren Green, Producer, Come Dine With Me, Channel 4, December 2012

“We had the pleasure of having Tricity perform at our wedding in December and she was absolutely outstanding, getting all of our guests up and dancing and having a great time. Extremely interactive and fun. We could not have wished for anything more for our wedding and our guests were all saying how amazing she was the next day.” Rebecca & Ryan, December 2012

“Tricity Vogue played a fantastic set at our wedding. A fabulous mix of glamour, fun and great music for all ages. Quirkier and more memorable than your average wedding band, she really brought the evening party to life.” Paula & Mike, March 2013

“I've had the pleasure of working with Tricity Vogue in several of her guises, which in itself should indicate the extent of her ingenuity and imagination. As a chanteuse of cheeky jazz numbers she never fails to have the audience laughing and crying with her, or simply dancing in the aisles. And with her creation The Blue Lady, Tricity has taken an icon of 20th Century Kitsch and brought it to life as an Everywoman of blues, reaching out to the crowd and pulling them inside her world. As an event producer, my experience of collaborating with Tricity has always been first-rate as she's professional, flexible, insightful and good fun too.” Tobias Slater, White Mischief Events

“The bewitching Tricity turns the humble uke into a thing of beauty and creature of seduction.” Paul Kohler, owner, CellarDoor

“The Tricity Vogue All-Girl Swing Band are not only full to the brim with top-quality, virtuosic musicianship, they bring a level of glamour and theatricality rarely seen on the London jazz scene. The wickedly delicious and charismatic Tricity effortlessly charms and delights her audience, inspiring even the most traditional of jazz lovers to jitterbug to the band's take on '80s hits and '90s Brit pop with wild abandon, leaving the dance floor breathless and begging for more.” Passing Clouds, Dalston, London

“West Yorkshire Playhouse had the honour of Tricity Vogue hosting ‘The Cabaret Club’ as part of the Transform: My Leeds, My City Festival. Returning to her home town for one special night, Tricity hosted with dynamism, eccentricity and formidable talent, drawing the whole event together with energy and charm. It was a pleasure to have Tricity at the Playhouse – we wouldn’t hesitate to invite her back.” West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

“You were brilliant. I still have Sweet Pineapple chorus in my head! I took a girl - bit of a risk - it was an internet thing so had never met her before. But she laughed in all the right places in your songs so that's how I know she's OK. Many thanks, Alex.” Audience Member, Magic Night, Madame JoJo’s, London

“I was looking for some light entertainment as the icing on the cake for my sister's hen party and Tricity came with glowing recommendations so I got in touch. From the word go, she made everything so easy in terms of arrangements and was incredibly accommodating in asking about song choices etc. When Tricity made her entrance, ukelele in hand, the whole party came to life. We all had a ball, especially my sister who, it transpired was a secret kazoo maestro! We laughed, we sang, we danced and such great fun was had by all. My only regret is that we only booked an hour and a half because we could have happily gone on for much, much longer! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Tricity Vogue for a hen party or indeed any other kind of party – she's a very talented lady!” Lianne, May 2013

“How best to pay tribute to the enigmatic musical temptress, Tricity Vogue? Well, let’s start with Ukulele Cabaret night! A veritable extravaganza of aural pleasure and visual splendour, crafted with generous helpings of effervescent vivacity, comedic idiosyncrasy, and alluringly seductive undertones. Individual and collaborative performances are expertly blended together with open sing-and-play-alongs, in a warm, welcoming melting pot of pleasingly eccentric personalities. From humble aspiring musicians to indulgent exhibitionist talents, a rich variety of entertainment is seamlessly intertwined with engaging hostess skills, to provide an excellent evening for all.

“Tricity’s showladyship can also be experienced at all manner of live music events and festivals, her sparkling and coquettish wit brought forth to unsuspecting audiences, subversive intentions cunningly concealed within sophistication and classy retro glamour, until all is gradually brazenly revealed. Wicked lyrics are laced with sinful inferences, smoothly sung, playfully strummed, as the onlookers’ fascinations are hypnotically curled around a velvet-gloved finger...

“This provocative and bewitching concoction is captured perfectly in the exquisite album, ‘The Blue Lady Sings’. If you ask her nicely she’ll sign it for you too, satisfying that rising desire for the personal touch – something that discerning gentlemen and intrigued ladyfolk alike find themselves longing for after an evening’s enticement with Tricity Vogue.” Matt, Guildford

Calamitous Liaisons Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Twitter & Facebook reviews

“After seeing the show, I did feel as though maybe you'd gone through my diaries and written songs about me!” Joanne Wakeley via Facebook

"Calamitous Liaisons - sly and saucy, melodically inventive, emotionally supple. Her best show yet?" Ben Walters, Time Out Cabaret Editor

"Charming, sexy, blithe and smart. And plays a ukulele. Go!" @TimBenzie

"TRICITY VOGUE'S kick ass show about her delicious love life. 'Calamitous Liaisons' #hotticket @edfringe" Russell Lucas

“MUST SEE SHOW - @tricityvogue's Calamitous Liaisons 6pm The Counting House. Marvelous songs, fast paced, funny AND poignant. FREE! #edfringe" Heidi Bang Tidy

“Cannot sufficiently recommend @tricityvogue Calamitous Liaisons. Wry, wistful, funny and warm and musically exquisite. Go see!” @DustyLimits

“@tricityvogue me and my girlfriend loved your acts at the fringe, really fantastic; everyone should see them!!” @heloisewithanh

“Today I see and enjoy very much @tricityvogue at The Counting House, she plays and sings so well and also she wears amazing red shoes.” @La_Harlotta

“Then a scamper back across the Nor Loch for our last show! Coz it ain’t the Fringe without at least one uke show. Hosted by Tricity Vogue, sporting her splendid golden uke headpiece, we are treated to guest spots from three performing chums, who display their uking and singing skills to the crowd. Judges from the audience score each performer and the winner of the Uke Of Edinburgh award gets to play Tricity’s head-uke. We all get to join in on King of the Swingers and Wild Thing, which is fun.” Helena Nash, Chocolate Ocelot Read the full post

“The new show from ?@tricityvogue 'Calamitous Liaisons' at the ?#edfringe is a joy. Terrific songs - funny, clever & sometimes touching. See it” @KeithJ_gmb

“You'd be batty to not spend a portion of your #EdFringe weekend in the company of @tricityvogue and her Calamitous Liaisons show. Go go!” @JohnnySetlist

“Delightful show from @tricityvogue Calamitous Liaisons, The Counting House 5pm. Mae West meets a ukulele!” @Liberty_Sweet

“Very jolly, very friendly, and just a little bit rude. Can't ask more than that.” Catherine Monelle

“The wonderful @tricityvogue and her Ukulele Cabaret - the most fun you can have at Edinburgh with your knickers on. LAST NIGHT TOMORROW! GO!” @sammytdobson

“We really loved @tricityvogue's Calamitous Liaisons. Fantastic songs from a fantastically witty and talented woman.” @madelinedances

“@tricityvogue Far from a calamitous liaison. Our evening with you was a sweet delight . Lovely to meet you in such a fabulous setting.” @clivejholland

“@tricityvogue Thank you for a fantastic evening, I am still smiling & singing about pineapples! Hope our paths cross again soon.” @emmiebobo

“Oh 'what a delightful evening I had .I'm off to work now with a smile on my face singing the pineapple song. @tricityvogue #unmissable” @clivejholland

“Great performance. Your lyrics are poignant, funny, profound and rhyme in unexpected witty ways. Congratulations.” Harriet Warner

Calamitous Liaisons, Coach & Horses, Soho, October 2013

“I loved the show: a scintillating and captivating performance with very memorable songs.” Richard Link, composer

“Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely time. You touched us. We laughed and we cried. You are one talented lady.” Josi Phene

“Twas a fantastic night you were entrancing. As much fun as you could hope to have on a sunday evening with your clothes on or off or with a ukelele and not get arrested. Music and passion always in fashion with Tricity Vogue's heart-warming lust for life and love reminiscences.” Pete Saunders, pianist

“Great way to be amused early Sunday Evening. Tricity's infectious humour works perfectly in this intimate dining room and her calamitous liaisons seem to ring a bell with most of the audience. Raucous applause was well deserved.” Coach and Horses landlord

“Thank you so much for a brilliantly entertaining night, such funny & charming songs & stories. We went home humming & happy!” Emma Threadneedle, tailor

“It was really special. I don’t think you could have picked a more perfect venue to debut your show. When I saw it was unmiked, I was worried how it would come across but it couldn’t have been any more suitable – your voice is exceptional. It was such a great experience to hear your voice live especially as I already know most of the songs. The show felt very intimate, you had everyone so spellbound, my mind didn’t wander at any point. I actually forgot I was holding a wee in for over an hour haah.” Mina, singer

“How wonderful to see the delectable Tricity Vogue in an intimate show with riotously witty songs that also include true soulfulness and poignancy.” Dan Saul, artist

“A really warm and uplifting show. Stopped me mithering over my own stupid relationship for 5 minutes! Hope there are plenty more West End outings for C.L.” Audience member